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Vacation 2017

We come here so often that it’s a challenge to create something new or a better image than last time. It’s good to be challenged though. In this case I had the help of family to hike with, my favorite model and a late spring snow providing plenty of snow melt.

June 2017


Night hike


I have always wanted to do a night hike up to Gem Lake and do some night sky photography. Seems like it’s always cloudy or something comes up. Finally got my chance this May. 22 second exposure and some light painting on the lake and rocks. The experimentation was part of the fun.

Estes Park, May 2, 2016

Last look



As we were leaving Estes after Christmas break, I saw this. We were already leaving later than we wanted. But I was breaking as I said “ok if I stop and take another pic?” I knelt down in the snow to shoot under the fence rail. I didn’t shoot many frames, but the scene was too compelling to leave. The composition, colors, all just fell into place. Perfect photo to start the new year.

I’m glad I’ll be there again in a couple days.

Devil’s Gulch, Jan. 4, 2016

Bear Story


We were driving thru Rocky Mtn National Park and I saw a couple cars pulled off to the side. I pulled over to look. I didn’t see any wildlife but the little meadow looked intriguing so I walked down and started taking pics of the meadow and winding stream. Getting down by the stream, shooting the water and grass.

Coming back up to the road, a car pulled over and a lady said “did you see her?” Wade and I both said “see who?” “The mama bear that’s down in the meadow.”

After we recovered we drove around to the other side of the meadow and I got the above pic. Not the best in the failing light. And I wasn’t getting close again.

(Rocky Mountain National Park, 5/15/15)