Monthly Archives: May 2015

Bear Story


We were driving thru Rocky Mtn National Park and I saw a couple cars pulled off to the side. I pulled over to look. I didn’t see any wildlife but the little meadow looked intriguing so I walked down and started taking pics of the meadow and winding stream. Getting down by the stream, shooting the water and grass.

Coming back up to the road, a car pulled over and a lady said “did you see her?” Wade and I both said “see who?” “The mama bear that’s down in the meadow.”

After we recovered we drove around to the other side of the meadow and I got the above pic. Not the best in the failing light. And I wasn’t getting close again.

(Rocky Mountain National Park, 5/15/15)

Locked and loaded

Every year I get a chance to take a long weekend in Estes Park. It involves lots of photography and hiking. Mostly photography. Ok there’s beer at the end of the day but mostly photography. Mostly.