Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island 1

We took a tour of the fort while we were there. People in period dress are always a good time to pull out the camera. This young lady was teaching kids how to play the type of games the kids in the fort would have played. I need a job like that. Of course I wouldn’t have looked as good in a dress.

Mackinac Island, 6/13/16

Night hike


I have always wanted to do a night hike up to Gem Lake and do some night sky photography. Seems like it’s always cloudy or something comes up. Finally got my chance this May. 22 second exposure and some light painting on the lake and rocks. The experimentation was part of the fun.

Estes Park, May 2, 2016

Snowed in

Spring break. We were up in Estes and it’d been snowing for two days. With 8 inches of snow we weren’t going anywhere so I thought I’d see what I could take photos of in the backyard. I don’t usually shoot stuff like this which made it all the more interesting.

Aspen Grove backyard, March 17, 2016

Last look



As we were leaving Estes after Christmas break, I saw this. We were already leaving later than we wanted. But I was breaking as I said “ok if I stop and take another pic?” I knelt down in the snow to shoot under the fence rail. I didn’t shoot many frames, but the scene was too compelling to leave. The composition, colors, all just fell into place. Perfect photo to start the new year.

I’m glad I’ll be there again in a couple days.

Devil’s Gulch, Jan. 4, 2016

Plaza Lights



If if you look close you can see the focus isn’t great. I’m not sure why, I was on top of a parking garage so maybe there was some vibration. But it was a nice night, I was with a good friend and I liked the composition.

So here it is.

Dec. 15, 2015, Kansas City

SA Mama

This is a special photo for me. Not only did composition, exposure, etc. come together but by random chance I found I had a personal connection to this woman.

We were just visiting some homes in South Africa. In the course of our limited conversation I found out she was the grandmother of a child that my mom sponsors through One Life.


Twice As Nice

Second time at this magical place. I honestly didn’t expect to see anything I didn’t see the first time (here).

It was different. Different time, different light.

Monument Rocks, Grinnell, KS 8/27/15